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Daily Schedule for Excavator Maintenance

Jan 3rd 2024

Daily Schedule for Excavator Maintenance

An excavator is one of the most important pieces of equipment for construction. While it can make tasks easier to complete, the machinery needs maintenance to preserve its condition. Performing maintenance every day will save you from costly repairs and safety issues down the road. We will discuss a daily schedule for excavator maintenance.

Inspect the Machine and Change Fluids

Start your day by inspecting the excavator for damage. Look for leaks, cracks, or loose parts before the day's operation. Next, change the engine oil, hydraulic oil, and filters to prolong the lifespan of its inner workings. If necessary, you can purchase Bobcat excavator aftermarket parts to replace components that are too far gone.

Clean the Machine

Cleaning the excavator may seem like an extra step, but you should never exclude it from your daily schedule. Dirt and debris can build up in and around the machine, affecting its performance. Grime can obstruct fluid and air filters, leading to ineffective machine functions.

Clean the cab, undercarriage, and tracks to prevent premature wear and the accumulation of oils, which could be a fire hazard.

Grease All Joints

Greasing is essential for maintaining your excavator because it reduces friction and wear on moving parts. Grease all the joints, including the pins, bearings, bushings, and pivot points exposed to harsh conditions. This approach will ensure the longevity of your machine.

Inspect the Safety Mechanisms and Electrical Systems

Safety mechanisms and electrical systems are the most critical components of an excavator. Failure in these areas can lead to accidents or even death. It's important to check your equipment's seat belts, emergency shutoff, and climate controls to make sure they’re functional. Also, check the battery and all electrical systems for damages or loss of power to prevent sudden breakdowns, which can interfere with the work schedule.

Record All Activities

Finally, note your daily maintenance activities in an excavator maintenance log. A written record of everything you've done will help you create a maintenance history of the machine. Then, you can track any problems and take care of replacements or repairs. A maintenance log is also a useful reference and enables you to maintain accountability for machine operation.

Reap the Benefits of Your Maintenance Efforts

Creating a daily schedule for your excavator maintenance keeps it functioning for a long time. Your routine can prevent costly repairs, improve worker safety, and keep your operation on schedule. Remember to take care of your excavator so you can enjoy the benefits of your efforts!